Abbott's Suckerette--Pre-Owned

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Here is a magical combination: A vanish - a change and a production! An attractive small shallow box is resting on a draped table. The magician lifts the lid and places two or three doves into the box. He then removes the lid, showing both sides and the lid frame (which is hinged to the lid) which is an open framework through which the audience can see. The sides of the box are folded flat and discarded. Now comes the fun - as the bottom piece is an open framework. Bulging out the drape under this framework are what the audience believe to be the vanished doves. After some comedy by-play, the magician removes the framework bottom and the drape to reveal - not the doves - but a small rabbit or a guinea pig! This one is in good/very good condition. It comes right out of my own personal collection and was used in a few shows. The dove bag is in great shape.There is a small gap at the right rear corner where the side meets the back of the box, but does not affect the working of the prop (see photo). With Abbott instructions.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review