Chairs by Steve Seguin

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CHAIRS by Steve Seguin

Nothing packs smaller! Nothing plays bigger!

The Guaranteed Standing Ovation

Juggler, magician and humorist Steve Seguin closes every show with a standing ovation, and now YOU can too!  Applying great staging, simple choreography and an age old circus/party stunt, Steve has audiences jumping to their feet at the end of his show. Every. Single. Time. Guaranteed!

No Props!

And here’s the best part, there’s absolutely no props to bring! Just show up at any venue, grab four chairs and you’re ready to roll.

The Basic Routine

The performer gets four volunteers from the audience and using four chairs in a special set-up is able to remove all the chairs incredibly causing all four participants to balance one on the other in a fascinating suspension configuration!

The Full Monty

In partnership with Bill Abbott Magic, Steve Seguin will walk you through a master class in audience participation and management. In a deluxe multimedia pro package which includes both a 45 page book and 90 min. DVD that will give you all of the knowledge and tools necessary to add this dynamic conclusion to YOUR show.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review