Fountain of Silks by Dazzling Magic

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Product Overview

The silk fountain is a beautiful production of silks. From the center of one silk, many more silks, one after the other, bubble up and open like a flower. The constantly changing colors will have your audience responding with gasps of amazement and lots of applause. We make our own fountain, and here are a few of the reasons it is known as the best: It features 14 pure silks, 18” square. Silks are 8 momme weight, to withstand hard usage. The silks are alternated in contrasting colors, for visiblity. Also, every other silk is sewn at a 45 degree angle to the previous silk, making the color changes much more visible. Our hems are double turned, sewn flat, not cheap, flimsy hems. The silk bundle is held with a ribbon, with velcro release, and a large bead to find the release quickly and easily. There is a ring also sewn on to make stealing the fountain easy. You can even add your own spring flowers or streamer at the end to make a nice finish.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review