Gypsy Balloon with Spool of String

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A great classic of magic is the Gypsy Thread, also known as the Torn and Restored Thread. Tony Clark has given this effect an even bigger impact by adding a helium balloon! The string that holds your helium balloon is broken into several smaller pieces. You gently rub the pieces together into a small ball of string. Then, holding it at the tips of your fingers, you entangle it onto the remaining strand which dangles from the balloon. When your release the balloon, it starts to rise, tugging on the string. Starting slowly at first, the balloon floats up into the air as the string stretches out full length -- the pieces are magically restored! The best part? You can give the balloon to anyone in your audience. The balloon and string are completely examinable. Comes with DVD instruction and 30 feet of the special string to get you started. PLUS, we are also including a HUGE spool of the correct string! DVD is usually $25 and the spool of string is $30, but we have this ONE in stock and get both the DVD and spool of correct string for just $29!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review