Hats, Rabbits and Swords DVD

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Would you like to learn how to present a summer library show? You can do no better than to watch this DVD by David Ginn. Plus there's a whole lot more! This started out as a magic convention lecture, and David Ginn asked us (Marty and Brenda Hahne) to assist. We discussed two principles of entertaining children, featuring the Big Red Hand and Middle Diddle Silk. Next up, David presented his entire 45 minute library show, with routines including Airhead Rudy, Cheat Blendo, Mindreading Duck, DeLites, Big Book Bag, and more. Centerpiece is the Big Black Magic Hat routine! After the show, there was 20 minutes of explanation. Then the bonus: a live performance of Sherm's NOMA, the woman of 1000 lives, which David simply calls the sword box. And who is the woman in the box? Why, it's Brenda, and the assistant handing the swords to David is Marty! The encore is the Out of a Magic Hat huge production, with a big surprise ending! Professionally taped and edited, you'll find plenty you can use on the DVD. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review