Shipping Information

For most orders, we use a simple shipping table, as follows:

Amount of order:  

    0.00 - 19.99  Shipping charge $7.00
  20.00 - 49.99  Shipping Charge $8.00
  50.00 - 99.99  Shipping Charge $10.00
 100.00  on up   Shipping Charge $12.00

However, on larger, heavier items, the shipping rate will most likely be higher. We have the heavier items clearly marked in the product's description. We use the USPS or UPS shipping rates as shown on their respective websites.  In the case of an additional shipping charge, we will notify you immediately with the cost, and once we have your approval, we will email you a Paypal invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we will then ship your order.

We want you to know that we are not making a profit on shipping. Shipping rates have been steadily increasing, and we try to absorb some of the cost to help you. But as you can understand, we cannot absorb all shipping costs.


We do ship to countries outside the United States. However, as you realize, shipping to foreign countries is very expensive. In some cases, the shipping costs more than the item you are purchasing. 

For orders to Canada, our shipping system will first charge you a flat rate of $10 dollars for shipping. We will then pack and weigh your order, and email you an invoice for the additional postage charge.

If placing an order to be shipped to another location outside the United States or Canada, please email us the items you wish to purchase. We will then weigh your order and obtain shipping rates from the USPS web site. We will then email you the rates, and await your approval. Once the shipping rate meets with your approval, we will invoice you for the order, including the items and shipping. Once the invoice is paid, we will ship your order.