Airhead Rudy


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Steve Taylor’s Airhead Rudy, great for library and reading shows!

Steve Taylor’s adaptation of Forgetful Freddie is called Air-Head Rudy, and it is a great educational magic item for kids. A sure hit for library and reading shows!

A 22″ cut-out of Rudy is shown and it is revealed that Rudy doesn’t read books, he just watches TV. You place his head into the TV, and it shrinks. Unfortunately, Rudy doesn’t turn off the TV and start reading, and his head shrinks again. Finally, since Rudy won’t stop watching TV and start reading, his head vaniahes! Since Rudy doesn’t have a head, a balloon is placed on his shoulders to substitute for his head. He is now “Air-Head Rudy.” When Rudy learns to turn off the TV and turn on to the thrill of reading books, the balloon pops and Rudy gets “a-head” in life!

Comes complete with wood Rudy, stand, TV, and and all necessary heads. Plus, full instructions and routine. Provide your own balloon. We only have this ONE in stock, so don’t delay! In good condition, with lots of service life ahead. $99.

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