Giant Assortment of “Slum” Magic


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Huge assortment of magic “slum.”

Recently, I opened a plastic bin in my warehouse, and discovered a huge assortment of “slum”…inexpensive magic tricks to sell after your show, or to use in magic kits, or to teach to children in magic workshops. We will ship you all the items, but please note, the plastic bin in the photo is not included. I totaled everything up, and at wholesale prices it came to just over $317 dollars. You can get this one only assortment for just $99!  Here’s what you get: 12 tube and bead mystery, 20 imp bottles, 26 snappers, 40 mini magic wands, 15 penetration mirror, 10 rabbit in hat paddles, 28 magic mouse, 15 Chinese wallet (9 in pkg, 6 not pkg) 15 number mystery cards, 41 ring and spring puzzle, 116 animal hunter tricks, 65 magic coin box, and 186 Chinese ring illusion. Whew! Note: in one picture you may have noticed Finger Traps, but these are not included.

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